Why Ara Chackerian is a Great Example for All of Us


Looking for great entrepreneurs that are also philanthropists is easier than it was in years prior. This is because more entrepreneurs have discovered that they shine in a better light when the world can see them as giving and trustworthy. This is true of Ara Chackerian.

Hailing from San Fransisco, California, Ara has always been one to focus on community rather than a solo effort. Having worked in healthcare, he has been dedicated to finding ways to bring healthcare and technology together. His interest just isn’t in how he can make more within technology and healthcare, but he is also focused on how he can impact the lives of the youth in his community.

One of his most popular areas of interest today is in sustainable living. His love of teak shows with his personal time and money going to a teak farm in Nicaragua. This farm, Limonapa Teak focuses on creating a friendly environment, albeit one that is sustainable. The greater mission here, is how this farm can be instrumental in job creation.

Although Nicaragua was one of the wealthiest countries at one time, it is now one of the poorest. Ara Chackerian seeks to spark some love for the community with this teak farm. The teak is a passion of his, but so is the greater good of employing individuals who otherwise would have no means of income there.

Using the natural resources is what sets the tone for the farm, and the goal is to keep the land and the farm unspoiled. This mission of Ara Chackerian is just one of the many areas of life he is dedicated to. Along with his business partner, working in diagnostics in healthcare, he wants to bring to life and raise awareness the use and benefit of natural resources, and eventually enhance the natural approach to better health.

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