Wes Edens Is Seeing Big Things For 2019


Wes Edens co-founded Fortress Investment Group back in 1998 and still serves as one of their three chief principles. In addition to Fortress, he is also the co-owner the Milwaukee Bucks and has held co-ownership for the NBA team since 2014. He holds 3 advisor and board roles for Springleaf Holding, Nationstar Mortgage Holdings, and New Senior Investment Group in which he serves as a Board Member, Chairman, and Chairman of the Board. In 1984 he graduated with a Finance and Business Administration degree from Oregon State University. View Wes Edens’s profile on Linkedin

2 of the biggest events that Wes Edens has seen in his business life is the rebranding of Brightline Trains to Virgin Trains as well as his new hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming that is quickly becoming popular among skiers. The new hotel and ski club is named Caldera House and is located in a town that is already known for its world-class skiing. The Caldera House project has taken the entrepreneur 6 years to finalize deals and make everything stand out from the rest as a luxury destination for locals and even international travelers.

Brightline was already making its way to history books as being the largest private rail line in all of the United States as well as the first of its kind. With the rebranding from Virgin combined with their private train operations in the United Kingdom, Wes Edens believes that this is going to bring some great opportunities as they look for new cities to expand to. Brightline, now Virgin Trains, offers a new level of travel for people in Florida but they are looking to make their way to cities like Texas very soon.

Much like how Wes Edens sees Caldera House, he believes that Virgin Trains will become an important part of their communities and will help with the levels of traffic congestion along some of the more popular routes in Florida. The company is making their final arrangements for an Initial Public Offering that they hope will raise $100 million in order to help with their expansion efforts. Brightline currently serves Orlando, West Palm Beach, and Miami.

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