Wax President Malcolm Casselle Moves To Improve Online Trading Forums


The growth of the Online world in terms of purchases made in the digital environment of video games and the burgeoning market for cryptocurrency has come into focus for the newly created Worldwide Asset Exchange, better known as Wax. There is much to admire in the establishment of Wax which would previously not have been possible in the Online gaming and cryptocurrency worlds without the creation of this innovative company.


An Online marketplace is not always available in the majority of Internet-based gaming environments rendering many of the purchases made by a player worthless when they are either outdated or upgraded. Wax is now opening up a series of marketplaces and digital forums where the ability to purchase items from a video game player will be available in a safe and secure environment; in order to sell goods an individual must pass security protocols established and monitored by guilds overseeing each marketplace and forum to ensure ownership has been proven before a sale takes place.


Video games will not be the only subject for the owners of Wax to consider with trades in cryptocurrency also taking place on the platform and subject to many similar stringent rules applied to video game-based sales. In a bid to ensure the security of the Wax marketplace there will also be the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade physical items alongside digital assets.


Educated at Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of technology, Wax President Malcolm Casselle is one of the most impressive and respected figures in digital sales and development; Casselle has been linked to the video game industry for a number of years after establishing the popular xFire social media platform which registered more than 22 million users.


The success of Malcolm Casselle as one of the world’s leading digital sales and development executives was sealed when the consistently growing Groupon brand made him the head of their Chinese expansion team. Malcolm Casselle has spent much of his career developing links across Asia aided by his ability to fluently speak Japanese and Mandarin.


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