Victoria Doramus Fights For Animals To Find Homes And Love


Victoria Doramus knows what it is like to need a little help and works hard to help people who have suffered from addiction. While humanity is important for her, she also cares deeply about creatures who aren’t able to speak for themselves such as abandoned pets. She is a strong supporter of the organization Best Friends Animal Society. This organization is dedicated to preventing animals from being put down at kill shelters throughout the United States.

The Best Friends Animal Society builds partnerships and community programs in order to “Save Them All”. While this is a monumental task to complete, Victoria Doramus has hope that one day it can be accomplished through hard work and dedication. Best Friends was formed in the 1980’s. At the time, it was considered a completely normal procedure for shelters across the United States to put down pets that people did not want. This led to a devastating 17 million animals being killed each year in shelters instead of being adopted out or sheltered. Among the pets in shelters, the ones with health problems and the elderly were usually the first to be put down as they were the least likely to be adopted.

Victoria Doramus (@victoria_doramus) believes that all animals deserve to feel loved and cared for and she strives for this to happen one day in the United States. She knows what it’s like to feel alone with nobody to turn to and doesn’t want animals who cannot protect themselves to ever have to feel this way. She doesn’t think animals are much different from humans and just like humans they need love as well. As a recovering addict, she knows how much feeling love can impact someone who has lost hope.

Through her work with Best Friends Animal Society, Victoria Doramus assists with efforts to connect rescue groups and shelters. These connections allow for the animals in their care to get the best possible outcome and care that they need to survive and live happy lives with caretakers that will love and appreciate them. When Victoria Doramus is not working with charities, she is working in New York as a marketing expert.

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