U.S. Money Reserve Picks Angele Koch As Company CEO


U.S. Reserve is a top distributor of gold, silver and platinum products in Austin, Texas. The company has been around for many years and is under the leadership of Angele Koch. The legendary mint maker offers the finest quality of precious metals and legal tender to customers.

Half a million people hae purhcased products from them. They see hundreds of thousands of people yearly visit their Austin, Texas headquarters where Angela Koch runs the company’s day to day operations.

Angele Koch was hired by U.S. Money Reserve because she brings to the company great business leadership experience, professional management skills and the understanding of how to run a sales organization. The staff that works underneath her enjoys calling her boss. Her supervisorial influence, business strategies and care for customers is what causes her workers to truly enjoy working for her.

Her leadership is based on the ethics of putting the customer first. She has adapted professional management practices and methods to teach workers the way customers must be treated.

She has enlisted in her workers the understanding that they should create a connected relationship to the customer. Although their job is to sale to the customer, she wants customers to feel that U.S. Money Reserve is truly in business to support and prioritize the needs of their partners. Read more: US Money Reserve | Indeed and US Money Reviews | Glassdoor

U.S Money Reserve has been a producer of precious metals for a long time. The mint maker has created special coin collections for Peral Harbor and in celebration for the queen of England’s coronation anniversary.

Many customers choose to do business with this mint maker because their products allow customers to purchase at a price today that over time appreciates. Purchasing these products can pay off as a lucrative deal for customers.

But Angele Koch’s focus is not on making the most money as possible. Her focus is on building and leading company that is focused on being a different kind of sales business. She is focused on creating a company of workers who have been professionally trained to the put the interests and wants of the customer before big time profits.

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