Tony Petrello As Nabors Industries’ CEO Has Found His Calling:


There are many companies and many CEOs” the world-over–however, one CEO that continually, “stands-tall,” is Tony Petrello. Tony Petrello is the brilliantly outstanding CEO of Nabors Industries.

Take Petrello’s personal track record: It truly takes a fair amount of genius to pull off everything he has done within his life.

It begins when Anthony Petrello is young. He is considered a Mathematical wizard–of sorts: a fact which is true. He takes his talent, eventually, and earns two Mathematical Degrees, from a well-known American Ivy League School. Petrello earns his Math Degrees from the well-revered Yale University. Many well-known world figures have attended the prestigious University: so to become an Alumnus is quite the achievement and honor.

Tony Petrello attains a B.S. Degree in Mathematics; and an M.S. Degree in Mathematics. However, Petrello does not stop his Academic grounding, at Yale: He goes on to Harvard Law School, where he, easily, earns a J.D.

Tony Petrello earns Degrees, from Ivy League Universities, like some of us “dust lint off of a jacket.”

Tony Petrello is now armed with three–count them–three degrees: from highly eminent and well-known Universities.

He launches his career at the well respected international law firm of Baker & McKenzie (now Baker McKenzie). Tony Petrello, with his superb mind, easily takes on the role of: Managing Partner. He works out of the New York Office.

So what is one industry that is full of risk, regulations and fierce competition? How about the oil and gas rig servicing, production and distribution industry. Tony Petrello transitions from the field of law, wherein, he has delivered a most successful performance, and assumes a leadership role at the highly acclaimed oil and gas servicing, manufacturer and provider of Nabors Industries. This is quite the achievement.

Comparing the model of an international law firm to that of a high-tech natural gas and oil well-drilling servicer, provider and producer is like comparing a plum to a Bouquet of Petunias. The models are very unique. However, true to “Petrello form,” Tony Petrello merely views this type of leadership switch as an opportunity: despite the vast amount of challenge, with regard to the transition.

He favorably leads the international Nabors Industries, in a manner of confidence and high-end reasoning. He is very much a visionary as well as a pragmatist: two traits that bode well in the industry.

Along with his role as CEO of Nabors Industries: Tony Petrello is also a Director for Stewart and Stevenson. The company is a significant provider of specialized equipment and aftermarket parts. It serves the gas and oil markets, the power-generation industry and other important industrial sectors.

Tony Petrello also serves as a Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. The hospital is a leading pediatric healthcare institution.

Nabors Industries, which Petrello serves as leader, is a major international gas and oil rig servicer, provider and manufacturer. Under Petrello’s direction, the company aims to provide its client-base with the best in innovative technologies, and service.

Tony Petrelo has found “his calling,” at Nabors Industries. He is a skilled communicator, and provides a very welcome presence within the Houston community.

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