The Secrets To Pulling Off A Flawless Party


It seems like some people were just born with a gift for throwing flawless parties. They seem to have superpowers when it comes to whipping up outrageously delicious food, stunning decor and clever themes.


For others, just the idea of throwing a party can cause a headache. With so many moving parts, the whole process can be exhausting. That’s why countless people decide to hire one of the many event planning companies in NYC. One of the best party and corporate event planners in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. As a full-service event planning company, Twenty Three Layers can provide services like catering, customized baked goods and live entertainment.


However, if you can’t afford to hire professional help, you’re in luck. We asked some of the most popular event planners in NYC to provide tips so that your next party can be a huge success. Even if you’re not the best cook and your decorating skills aren’t so hot, you can pull off a memorable event that your friends and family will remember for years to come.



  1. Send Real Invitations


Sure, email invitations are convenient, but in many cases they’re just too casual. If you want your party to have a more formal feel or if the purpose of the party is to commemorate an important event like an anniversary, stick to paper. By sending real invitations, you can experiment with elegant stationary as well.



  1. Create a Designated Self-Serve Bar Area


Instead of paying for a bartender, let guests serve themselves. Turn a corner of your home into a self-serve bar area. Provide plenty of beer, wine, liquors and mixers like seltzer and cranberry juice. Stock the area with glasses that vary in size as well as ice and garnishes.



  1. Develop a Theme


If you want your party to be truly festive, come up with a theme that allows guests to dress up. A themed party gives every guest a chance to embrace their creative side and let their guard down.



  1. Send Guests Home with Thoughtful Favors


Party favors aren’t required but they are a nice touch. If you’re going to give guests party favors to take home, make sure you come up with something that is useful and thoughtful like artisan soaps or homemade cookies.


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