The Outstanding Tour Operator Company (CVC) By Guilherme Paulus


Guilherme Paulus is one of the most respected people in the Brazilian tourism industry. He has worked hard to be one of top entrepreneurs in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus was born in the year 1949 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since then, he has been successful in many ways. He is a bachelor of Business Administration, a factor that has, immensely, contributed to career success.

In 1972, Mr. Guilherme Paulus started a tourist company by the name, CVC. Alongside his dedicated partner Cerchieari, his dream came to be. CVC Company gradually became among the most reckoned tour companies in Brazil. As time went by, Mr. Guilherme Paulus had another thought regarding the improvement of his company’s status. In 2009, the chief founder decided to sell a part of his tourism company. Later in 2013, it successfully opened its capital on the stock exchange. This made outstanding improvements to Guilherme Paulus’ company in terms of revenues and other areas. Visit to learn more.

According to Mr. Guilherme Paulus, his tourism company has currently received extensive hike in sales. Currently, CVC is a shop that is highly ranked by many in Brazil. The company occupies nearly all the famous malls in the country and is looking forward to serving the best of the client’s interests. The tour operator has been said to be unique where it has introduced numerous unique factors in its operations. Unlike the other tour operators in the country, it works with integrating physical and the virtual stores as well as buyers amongst others.

According to reports, Mr. Guilherme Paulus’ tour operator company has contributed much in the Brazilian tourism industry. To begin with, the company has created strategies that have helped in highlighting social responsibilities. Also, CVC Company has contributed to youth engagements in the tourism sector. According to research, the PIET project that has been part of the company’s project has been the major cause. It has endorsed social responsibility practices by supporting numerous educational institutions in the Brazilian community.

The notable, Paulus has been termed as a hero by international governments. What he has achieved with his company has been considered as exceptional with positive impact to the Brazil community. He has been awarded various titles including as executive of valor by Valor Economic newspaper amongst others. Read more:


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