The Impact Of OSI Food Solutions In Its Recent Acquisitions


The world of food production is one of the most exciting niches regarding operations and growth. In most cases, relatively small companies may succumb to the competition of major companies such as OSI Food Solutions. The company has however been on a journey to save these companies such as Tyson Foods plant.

Two years ago, the company made one of the best moves to keep jobs and careers of employees that were part of the Chicago-based plant. By buying this facility, OSI saved nearly 500 jobs as well as expanding its influence in Chicago. According to Caroline Ahn, the move not only saved these jobs but also ensured that the facility is well used.

In this new facility, OSI Food Solutions will continue making the food industry one of the most efficient industry by expanding its product line. According to OSI Food Solutions, Chicago market has always been one of the markets the company has been keen on investing. The facility will help the company meet the demand for breakfast foodstuff like sausage and bacon in this particular location. Also, the new facility is part of the global chain of facilities that continues to make OSI Food the market leader.

In addition to saving careers in the world of food, OSI Food Solutions, OSI Food Solutions has been on the forefront in protecting the planet from degradation. Over the years, the company has been keen on aligning their blueprint to global conservation debate. In all the decisions the company has made in the recent past, sustainability has been a constant factor. Due to this consistency, the company has received some of the most prestigious awards around the world, and specifically in Europe. In just 24 months ago, OSI became the first food company to be awarded the prestigious conservation award by British Safety Council.

British Safety Council, during the award ceremony, pointed some reasons for awarding this company. One of the issues in this speech was how OSI had been a perfect example of conservation debate. In addition to being the ideal example of conservation on paper, the company has sustainability projects that are currently in all the company’s facilities around the world.

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