The Difference Between Million And Billions Of Dollars


Millions Given And Millions More To Go

What if giving a million dollars away was turned into a game?George Soros has given millions and has many more millions to go.When major headlines shared the news that George Soros gave $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation, personal dreams of us making our own millions were put into persepctive. George Soros ended up giving away 80 percent of his wealth when he made this cotribution. This is a pattern we see in George and will likely continue to see it.We know this because George continues to defy his age and what people expect of him. What’s impressive is that Mr. Soros stands under pressure and like no one else in his network of “the rich and famous.” Now, if George is just playing a game with us, then it’s one of financial display. The final cost is hundreds of billions over a lifetime.

We believe that everything George Soros stands for is in greatness, equality and the quality of life for all people. This positions of George Soros to consider how he’ll leverage wealth and for a greater world impact. It’s important to see the large sums given by Soros. Rarely is it money thrown away solely for the act of giving.This expert is a master at matching numbers with realistic objectives.The more information, which men like Soros has access to, the more strategic the possibilities are. Access to intel puts into play the millions George has given away in charity. It’s not enough to give and then “hope” things will get done. A great philanthropy calls for a plan and a process to set it forth.Knowing the philanthropic steps allows George to give substantially.

Earning Your Way With Wall Street

Mr. Soros was strategic in delaying the working impact he’s now paid into.Today’s impact is something George wanted to make at the age-of-13.He was a young man with a “bad taste in his mouth.” The sour attitude came as a result of Nazi presence in George’s home country of Hungary. When World War II started, Mr. Soros fled home with his family trailing close behind. The conflict created what seemed like a dark cloud put over George. The only solution out was an urge he found deep within himself.In his eyes, he had the burning desire to earn a way out of poverty.Wall Street became the objective, and George’s history was made shortly after.

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