The billion-dollar startup — and the 28-year-old who runs it.


SERGEY PETROSSOVSergey Petrossov, founder of billion-dollar “unicorn” startup company JetSmarter, has some advice for you: Go all in, and don’t look back. By December of 2016, JetSmarter — a Fort Lauderdale-based mobile community for shared and private jet flights — announced that it had raised $105 million from its investors. 

This includes new investors such as the Saudi royal family and rapper Jay Z. Since then, JetSmarter has been valued by investors at $1.5 billion. First launching in 2015 with only 50 employees, JetSmarter now flies into cities in the United States, Middle East with more than 260 current employees, with plans to expand into India, China, and South America.

How JetSmarter Works

JetSmarter offers members (who pay a $4,500 annual membership fee with a $3,000 initiation fee) a mobile app that allows them to charter a jet, travel on a private jet shuttle, or create their own shared charter. Counterintuitively, JetSmarter doesn’t own any of the jets it uses. Rather, it works with a network of charter companies to provide jets to their customers.

JetSmarter offers four flight services — both scheduled and on-demand — that members can choose from. Each service gives a member full control over their flight schedule, with over 50 different routes and three continents to choose from.

JetSmarter has served customers from around the globe: more than 45,000 unique passengers have used JetSmarter for safe and convenient travel.

About Sergey Petrossov 

Sergey Petrossov, founder of JetSmarter, initially had the idea to create JetSmarter by using unused flight hours. He desired to bring innovation and modernity to the experience of private travel. He was able to successfully tap into the existing airplane market and utilize the flight charter system to fill in unfulfilled flight hours.


The result was JetSmarter, a company that allows its members to share and purchase private jet flights for their ease and convenience.

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