The App of The Century: ClassDojo Rises To The Occasion In 2018


In the history of school, the tradition of the use of books will soon be far in the archives. As every school grade approaches, a child becomes more eager to learn new subjects that will mold their future career as well as their goals. ClassDojo is a new technological app that teachers, students, and parents are taking advantage of in and out of the classroom. This invasive technology will eventually impact the world. With that as a guideline, the connection will be within the curriculum. As a matter of fact, the app is available in over 30 languages. A case in point, countries in Africa, Europe, and Australia, are finally catching on to the resourceful technology. With this easy installment, the app can be available any area where the Internet is accessibly used. Educators believe that with this invasive gadgetry, students will enjoy learning more, and sooner or later, their education will be a relevant way of living. Approaching more avenues, the race to success will be well worth the trip to students, parents, and teachers. In case of less than fortunate students not having the funds to pay for the app, charities will begin to contribute to the great cause.

Because of the level of teaching, ClassDojo will reinforce how important having an education will be for anyone that uses it. In the meanwhile, more subjects are being added to the app, the more the students stay current with all their studies. Because of the app being vital to teachers, the education marker will see a change in the way education is taught. Essentially, ClassDojo will circle around the Earth and be the new wave of technology that all students will enjoy. Parents contribute by emailing suggestions to the app’s creators to help expand the areas of lessons that are taught. As the budget rises in the classrooms, ClassDojo will propel to the forefront of being a part of every student’s syllabus.

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