The Academy of Art University Fosters Creativity


New York Fashion Week is the place to be if you love new and creative fashion and want to be connected to the fashion world. The Academy of Art University has just had its 21st runway presentation, and it was very exciting.


They had five of their womenswear and two of their menswear collection as well as a couple of collaborations showcased from their BFA and MFA graduates. The Academy has very high standards and is passionate about art and fashion. Their work is reflected in their students.


The Academy of Art University is ecstatic to offer their training to all who can meet the requirements for admission. They are all about preparing future designers for the world of art and creative fashion and to help their pupils to achieve success in their work.


The collections included designers from all over the world like Hailun Zhou, from China, who used inspiration form personal photographs and used unique media such as PVC and vinyl. Eden Slezin from the Bay Area got creative with vintage denim and created pieces that reflected eh diverse lifestyles of San Francisco. Eden also used rubber bike tubes to create one-of-a-kind pieces.


Dina Marie Lam from Los Angeles, used emotions and materials fit for royalty standards to work with while Carlos Rodriguez used beautiful embroidery to embellish the pieces in his collection. Saya Shen was inspired by the beauty of nature such as the ocean waves and Hokkaido scenery to create a collection that brought you away from daily life to another time and world. Joanna Jadallah used knits and leather to create soft yet strong pieces. Cana Klebanoff was inspired by castle architecture and Japanese samurai to portray strength and beauty together. Ryan Yu created a beautiful contrast of light and darkness, and Jelly Shan was not afraid to experiment with colors to create an edgy look.


The Academy provides many challenges to their students and nurtures creativity and individuality. The University has trained and experiences full and part-time teachers who can help their students to grow and to foster their uniqueness to create something great.


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