Talkspace CEO Oren Frank Hires Chief Medical Officer


Online therapy start-up company Talkspace recently announced that they have sought-out and hired a chief medical officer to the company. CEO of Talkspace Oren Frank stated that the inclusion of a chief medical officer will greatly benefit not only the company but current and future members as well. Neil Leibowitz was the individual chosen for this position, Neil brings a plethora of experience from his time as the former senior medical director at UnitedHealth.

It is said that the addition of a chief medical officer to Talkspace is a strategic move by the company as it is said to be preparing to go into an IPO or initial public offering. The inclusion of Neil Leibowitz onto the team brings additional value to the company that can prove to be an incentive to attract potential investors. Read more about Oren Frank at

Talkspace’s growth is partially due to its affordability with weekly memberships only costing people $79 to speak to an online therapist and $50 to speak with a mental health professional. In addition, the service provides users the ability to not only obtain help from the privacy of their own home but they get to speak to highly qualified licensed professionals.

The addition of Neil to the team will also allow Talkspace physicians to prescribe medicine to their members. The physicians are not full-time employees but simply contractors will be able to prescribe these medicines, however, they will still have to follow state and federal regulations such as those which demand that these prescriptions are issued via video chat where the person’s identity can be confirmed.

As a former insurance executive, Oren Frank states that Neil will also play a role in expanding the companies services to employers across the country. This will allow them to provide these services to their employees free of charge and increase productivity at the same time as data shows that business productivity lowers when individuals do not maintain healthy mental health.

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