Steve Lesnard Shares How To Create Effective Advertising


Marketing expert Steve Lesnard says that how new products are marketed has changed dramatically in recent years. Today there is social media to market products on and other digital mediums to take advantage of. He says that people need to take care in how they market their products on these platforms, though, because following the wrong strategy can be counterproductive.

He says that when it comes to successfully introducing a new product to consumers the advertising needs to clearly show how it will benefit people and offer them value. There are two main ideas that need to be followed with the first one being keeping the advertising simple. This makes it something that consumers can readily remember.

Steve Lesnard says that the best advertising will clearly explain what is new and better about a product. This isn’t easy and it forces the advertising team to narrow in on what is innovative about the product. They also need to focus on the main relevant features to show consumers.

One of the best advertising campaigns was the one that Apple devised for the iPod. They communicated “10k songs in your pocket” which succinctly explained what was innovative and new about this device. They also effectively advertise their watch nowadays by simply explaining what it offers people, such as safety and a way to become more fit.

The second idea that Steve Lesnard had to say about effective marketing was that you need to bring the new product to life in order to make it real for consumers. He says advertisers need to show how people use the product and what it does. Effective advertising also shows how it looks on a person’s body. Video is the best way to bring new products to life for consumers.

His example for this is how Yeti advertises their coolers as premium products. Their ads show people using their Yeti coolers such as for a day at the beach, while hiking, or out in the woods cooking a meal. He says that in the video you want to show how consumers benefit from your product in the real world.

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