Squaw Valley Ski Resort Issues An Update On Water Quality Issue


The water quality issue that has been reported at Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been the subject of a recent statement from officials at the resort who have looked to keep the public informed at all times about the issues being addressed. Squaw Valley believe the most important aspect of the issue is the safety of their guests who have never been offered the contaminated water that was identified during routine regular testing at the Upper Mountain area caused by a major rain event striking Placer County.


In response to the water quality issues at Squaw Valley the resort immediately contacted officials at Placer County Environmental Health Department to help address the problem as quickly, effectively, and correctly as possible; Wesley Nicks of the Placer County Environmental Health Department explained levels of E.Coli and Coliform had been identified and addressed with regular treatments and continued testing. The local government official explained the water quality at Squaw valley was now showing no signs of E.Coli and a lowered level of Coliform in three of four wells as treatment procedures began to take effect.


Despite the lowered levels of contamination in the recently upgraded well water supply system for Gold Coast and High Camp locations that have consistently been among the most popular at the resort. Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director has revealed the popular restaurants of the Gold Coast and High Camp areas will remain closed until all water supplies are returned to their normal quality levels to make sure the public is kept safe from any possible harm at all times. The ski slopes of the Upper Mountain region do remain open with skiing available from the top to the bottom of the mountain for all those who wish to take on this well known skiing area; Squaw Valley will continue to provide visitors to the Upper Mountain area with complimentary bottled water to ensure all visitors remain as comfortable as possible during their time at Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

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