Shortsighted And Shortchanged


Warren Buffet shows concerns about expensive funds that are shortchanging investors. However, he recently waged a million dollar bet stating that he could achieve a better investment return than a group of hedge fund managers.

Tim Armour supports Buffets commitment to low cost and simple investment strategies but does not agree with the passive index fund approach. Tim is an avid investor with years of experience. Tim believes that Buffets views are shortsighted and claims that it is not about the funds following index, but more about how the funds are being managed.

With high expenses and managers that have no buy-in, a fund can become a nuisance. Timothy Armour says that an investor should focus more on funds that have low fees and high management ownership. This means that the money is not being wasted by just sitting there, but instead have a manager who is actively showing interest towards it.

Tim has years of experience. He currently lives in Los Angeles and works for Capital Group. In his early years, Tim studied Economics and received a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College. In addition to his degree, he has over 30 years of experience in investment strategies and a background in global telecommunications. He started his investment management career in the mid-1980’s and continued to grow within Capital Group as a chairman

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