Securus Technologies Secures the Inmates


Customers have praised Securus Technologies for being a social entrepreneurship dedicated to eliminating needless deaths in correctional facilities.


Having been founded in 1986, Securus Technologies has been committed to ending inmate on inmate crime for well over three decades.


Since their founding, they have established headquarters in Dallas, Texas and have expanded with regional offices in Carrollton, Texas, and another regional office in Atlanta, Georgia.


For ten years, Securus Technologies has been able to keep inmate on inmate crime at a minimum; however, about ten years ago, customers reported that something changed and inmate on inmate crime was increasing drastically. This change was the introduction of contraband cell phones into correctional facilities.


Contraband cell phones allow inmates to plan their crimes against other inmates in secrecy and well in advance. Previous to this, for inmates to plan to harm one another, they would have to meet as a group and discuss their plans. Securus Technologies made their money during that time by training and equipping correctional facilities on how to handle this. However, if Securus Technologies were still to fulfill their mission, they’d have to change strategies and target contraband cell phones.


Securus Technologies did this with three products. Their first and most popular product is what they call “Cell Defenders.” This product is capable of scanning correctional facilities and locating contraband cell phones. Customers report that this is done by tracking their inbuilt GPS.


The second product of Securus Technologies is an extension to “Cell Defenders.” Once a contraband cell phone is discovered, this extension allows customers to connect to that phone and listen in to any calls taking place as well as read old messages.


The last product is “Wireless Containment Solutions” which blocks the phones Wifi capabilities so that plans cannot be made on social media.

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