Securus Technologies Providing Officers Resources for Combating Crimes


Inmates in our local prison are more familiar with the way officers do their jobs that other prison staff. The inmates have their eyes on everything that takes place inside the jail because they have nothing but time to analyze everything that is going on. The reason this presents a disadvantage for me and my fellow officers is that the inmates can often figure out our moves long before we make them.


To help turn the tide and give my team of officers back the control, we recently contracted with Securus Technologies to update our jail telephone system so we could better hear what the inmates are discussing when they make calls.


To get a better understanding about why we chose this company, we look at the history of Securus Technologies. This company has already installed several thousand call monitoring systems in jails in every corner of this country. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says his employees number in the thousands, and all are working towards a single objective of making the work safer for us to live.


The LBS software is the key to the monitoring system, able to do the work of several officers so we can now focus all our efforts on other pressing needs. While we are searching inmates in the visitor center or doing cell inspections, the LBS software is listening to each call and then alerting my team if anything of concern occurs. These alerts can be related to inmates talking about drugs, weapons, fighting, gangs, or more.


Each time we get the alert, instead of being forced to react to crimes in the jail, we get to finally take a proactive approach and get ahead of trouble and stamp it out. The inmates are noticing, and these incidents have dropped significantly since we began using the call monitoring system.


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