Securus Helps Our Church In The Ministry


We have a lovely church ministry I am pleased with that reaches out to jail. We spend most of our time driving to the jails, and we have run into times we need to call to check on inmates. We have been calling with Securus when the jail asks for help, and this article explains how we use it when we are sitting in the office. We are proud of our work done with Securus.


#1: What Is Securus?


Securus is a prison calling company with a video conference system. We use the system because we may connect with tablets, and I place quite a lot of calls with our tablets. I put the app on all the tablets because it was the easiest way to connect everyone, and it helps us have calls throughout the building.


#2: What Do We See?


We see the inmate on the other end of the line, and we know they may hear us as we talk. I am pleased to know they understand what we are saying, and I want them to know we are providing the best information for the times. I want each person we help to know they are cared for, and we calling in a format that reminds them when we are not there.


#3: How Simple Is The System?


The system is quite simple to use, and I use the app every day because it is so simple. I have shared it with everyone on our team, and we are enjoying using the system when we cannot make it to the jails. The inmates find it simple when they call us at the same time.


I have used Securus for some time, and I enjoy knowing I may reach out to inmates quickly. Our ministry improve improves because of their work.

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