Ronald Fowlkes Explains How Being A Marine Changed His Life


Ronald Fowlkes credits his time serving in the Marines Corps to influencing the person he is now. He signed up in San Diego, California and once his enlistment was up he made the decision to become a police officer. He served as a SWAT tactician for a number of years before becoming a businessman. He now works at First Spear Tactical as the manager of business development where he runs their sales department.

When Ronald Fowlkes isn’t working he can often be found serving as a mentor to his son’s hockey team. This team is nationally ranked. He enjoys serving as one of the mentors for the team members and teaching them about leadership and doing the right thing. He is the off-ice trainer and looks after this teams equipment. His goal is to keep the team members motivated to do their best and also fulfill the obligations they have on the team and in their lives.

He says that the Marines are the “best of the best” which is why he chose this branch of the military over the other ones. When he graduated he was the only one out of 25 who landed in the Marines which Ronald Fowlkes says he is very proud of. He says the training was very rigorous which taught him how to manage stress while succeeding at what he was doing. He also developed the trust and loyalty of his fellow Marines and still feels a bond with other Marines in his life.


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