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Perry Mandera is the current Chief executive officer and president of the Custom Companies, Inc., a leading provider in the transportation industry in Chicago. Starting the business from mid1980’s Perry Mandera has extensive knowledge in the business his affair with transport began early 1970’s when he worked with marines in troops transportation and supplies.


Besides being businessman Perry today is creating a new name due to his charitable work, this is well illuminated in his work with mercy home for boys and girls. Additionally, he has given a lending hand to people living with cancer, Natural calamities victims such as California wildfires and Hurricane Katrina by providing them with transport and supplies. His reflection to serve the people started in the 1980s when he was elected as a committee member of the republican.


Perry Mandera has a golden heart for the youths and young children. Through Custom Cares he has sponsored more than a hundred sports teams for teenagers in Chicago and state of Illinois at large. Further to that, he has assisted the disadvantaged and underprivileged young adults by helping them with academic support. Mandera also takes his free time to train youths in his community in games such as baseball, football, and basketball. This creates an opportunity for young adults to mingle with Mandera who is a role model to quite a large number. His support for athletics and boxers cannot go unnoticed (Bloomberg).


Perry with his long track of success in the sector of transportation industry starting from scratch with just two trucks to world-class service, his success is attributed to hard work and passion in the transportation date he is proud of retaining a right track of Custom companies Inc.


It’s not a wonder that Perry Mandera has been able to make such a significant in the world of charitable giving. His humanitarian work has been demonstrated in several areas such as disease research, veteran relief and prevention .support of the children in need is an image of what drives him in life. He has even created a separate wing that deals purposely on charitable work.


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