Mr. Anthony Petrello delivers priceless knowledge and qualified advice to attain commercial growth within an extremely volatile and bloodthirsty industry. While serving as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the company Nabors Industries, which was previously branded as Anglo Energy, Mr. Petrello endeavored to achieve a Juris Doctors. He earned this esteemed degree […]

The water quality issue that has been reported at Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been the subject of a recent statement from officials at the resort who have looked to keep the public informed at all times about the issues being addressed. Squaw Valley believe the most important aspect of the issue is the safety […]

We have a lovely church ministry I am pleased with that reaches out to jail. We spend most of our time driving to the jails, and we have run into times we need to call to check on inmates. We have been calling with Securus when the jail asks for help, and this article explains […]

Before he gained acclaim for his incredible fiscal achievements with these companies, Dondero was managing around $1 billion in fixed income funds for the famous credit company known globally as American Express. Prior to co-founding Highland with Mr. Okada, James Dondero held the position of chief investment officer with Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary. Throughout his […]

When someone is in a correction facility during the holidays, it can be a very difficult and emotional time for them to get through. They might not be able to cope with being away from their families, and they need some way to stay in touch with them. That is why Securus Technologies developed the […]

There are many women who love to shop but one of the biggest curses to shopping is actually having to take the time out of a day to get to the store to shop. Whether it is shopping for day attire, formal wear or even workout gear, women have been cursed with the desire to […]

Brian Bonar, the former CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, was honored as the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive Finance personality of the year. He received the award as a recognition for his excellent performance in financial management and financial service delivery. Who’s Who is an honorary award that is awarded to two male and female personalities […]