Since Sam Tabar was appointed CEO of Full Cycle Energy in 2015, a lot of good things as happened to the company. Tabar has utilized his experience and business knowledge to make strategies that have proved helpful in boosting the company’ market presence and operations. Because of his leadership, Full Cycle Energy has traversed the […]

Chapped lips are a problem that we’ve all dealt with at some point in our lives. Some people experience severe chapped lips, while others experience trouble only when the temperatures are cold or the winds are high. To ease your chapped lip struggle, a tube of Chapstick is likely the first purchase you make. But, […]

Donald Scott NYC has turned razor cutting into a revolutionary with the way we style hair by the leading professional razor tool. Using Donald Scott’s cutting tools has many benefits by surface cutting, point cutting, pinch carving and tease carving. Donald Scott NYC uses out of this world techniques such as chop stick pro and […]

Billy MacFarland set up Magnises after attending a dinner party where attendees extensively discussed the perks of owning an American Express card. Billy cites that holding an American Express card does not provide individuals aged between the ages 22 and 35 with opportunities to network and attend social functions. He then set up Magnises to […]

Mr. Anthony Petrello delivers priceless knowledge and qualified advice to attain commercial growth within an extremely volatile and bloodthirsty industry. While serving as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the company Nabors Industries, which was previously branded as Anglo Energy, Mr. Petrello endeavored to achieve a Juris Doctors. He earned this esteemed degree […]

The water quality issue that has been reported at Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been the subject of a recent statement from officials at the resort who have looked to keep the public informed at all times about the issues being addressed. Squaw Valley believe the most important aspect of the issue is the safety […]

We have a lovely church ministry I am pleased with that reaches out to jail. We spend most of our time driving to the jails, and we have run into times we need to call to check on inmates. We have been calling with Securus when the jail asks for help, and this article explains […]

Before he gained acclaim for his incredible fiscal achievements with these companies, Dondero was managing around $1 billion in fixed income funds for the famous credit company known globally as American Express. Prior to co-founding Highland with Mr. Okada, James Dondero held the position of chief investment officer with Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary. Throughout his […]