James River Capital is founded by Paul Saunders who is also the principal at the company. The institution is involved in investment and business, and it provides financial advisory to its customers. This private company is located in the US, and it is one of the leading finance corporations.   Paul Saunders has had many […]

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers’ scientists and medical professionals started using neurofeedback to train brains of patients to overcome depression symptoms some time back. Neuroscience came in the right time to bring a better treatment option for depression and other mental health conditions. Depression affects millions of people around the world and neurofeedback is going to […]

For quite a few years now, Betsy DeVos has found herself as a leader of educational reform. Ever since her days at Calvin College, Betsy has had a love for politics. In the past 30 or more years, Mrs. DeVos has been a leader of many campaigns, political action committees and party organizations. This also […]