According to The Lure Lounge, Tammy Mazzocco has beaten all odds to become one of the best realtors in Ohio. She is one of the few renowned women who have broken many glass ceilings. She perfectly fits the definition of a brilliant and exceptional business leader. She is currently a member of the team running […]

In 2014, Bruce Levenson, an influential businessman decided to sell the Hawks Basketball team. After successfully selling the team, Bruce ventured into the nonprofit making industry. Reports indicate that Bruce Levenson has been seed funding the Do Good Institute at the prestigious University of Maryland. The Do Good Institute is an initiative that is unprecedented […]

John Goullet is currently serving as the Chairman of DIVERSANT Limited Liability Company. He is the creator and innovator when it comes to IT industry since he has broad experience and knowledge in establishing IT market trends. His career began when he founded Info Technologies, Inc . He served as the Chief Executive Officer of […]

Not every place in Japan has its own WiFi, so Kim Dao recommends anyone going to Japan bring along pocket WiFi or Simcard. Many companies rent out a pocket Wifi. The rental fee is about $100 per month. The downside is you have to watch to see if the battery runs down and will need […]

Warren Buffet shows concerns about expensive funds that are shortchanging investors. However, he recently waged a million dollar bet stating that he could achieve a better investment return than a group of hedge fund managers. Tim Armour supports Buffets commitment to low cost and simple investment strategies but does not agree with the passive index […]

Troy McQuagge is the acting CEO and president of USHEALTH Group, Inc. as from July 2014 to date. His primary responsibility is to oversee strategic growth and profitability of the organization. During his time at USHEALTH, he has set a record in enhancing the profit margins of the company and general growth that has never […]

When discussing the world of correctional agencies and public safety sector, one cannot ignore the contributions of tech firms like Securus Technologies. The company has helped many prisoners get back in touch with their families through its many different inmate communication options, which are user-friendly as well as affordable. The company has over 600 patents […]

If you are ready to learn about your life and career in finance, you need to go to people who have experience in the area. There are a lot of companies in the personal finance area of the economy. However, few companies are actually adding value to the lives of other people in any significant […]

Sam Boraie, one of the Vice Presidents at Boraie Development, LLC is a visionary and noble leader whose aim is to bring change to New Brunswick, New Jersey by transforming it into an economic hub. In a report by PRNewsWire, Boraie Development, LLC is a family owned Real Estate Development Company based in New Jersey […]

Many people are excited about the opportunities that are in the residential real estate market. Arthur Becker has proven that he has a plan for how to succeed in the world of business in a variety of ways. Not only that, but he is excited about some of the changes that are being made for […]