OSI Group McDonalds Uses Trust and Understanding the Local Culture as Critical Marketing Strategies


Marketing is one of the most critical aspects of any company that is selling products and services to a constantly changing and demanding customers. Most of the people have a perception that some departments such as production, accounting, and human resource are much better and valuable. However, marketing offers the company an opportunity to sell its goods in a market where there is a large number of companies marketing their products.

OSI Group McDonalds have realized that marketing is the only way through which the company will be able to achieve its goals and objectives of being one of the leading food processing and selling company around the world. The company started by ensuring that it can satisfy the local market back in the United States. By satisfying the domestic demand, the company had acquired a significant capital base that would help it to operate in different parts of the world with ease. View OSI Group McDonalds profile at Linkedin

The second strategy incorporated by OSI Group McDonalds incorporated another marketing strategy that enabled the company to move to the international market. Moving to a global scale requires a significant amount of money and leadership skills. The wealth and experience gained back in the United States helped the company to establish its operations in foreign territories and be able to remain relevant even when the competition is stiff. Having a huge capital base enabled the company to operate even without profits for more extended periods.

Another marketing strategy that OSI Group McDonalds incorporated into the operations of the company is ensuring that the entity can meet the demands of the local culture. Most of the companies fail when selling their products or services to the international market because they do not understand the local culture. The needs and interests of the consumers change when one moves from one industry to the other.

OSI Group McDonalds has used the concept of understanding the local culture as the backbone of its success in any market around the world. Understanding the culture helps the company only to deliver products that are trusted by the customer base, which gives the entity an added advantage over other organizations that have failed to meet the needs of the customers.

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