OSI Food Solutions: The Worlds Largest Food Processor


OSI Food Solutions is the pioneer in food industry. This company deals with sale and distribution of wholesale food for many major retailers and food service companies. Its clients come from all over the globe, including but not limited to, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Subway and KFC. Since its inception, OSI Food Solutions has been playing a major role in the consumer market. From introducing innovating manufacturing ideas to resolving a number of marketing related issues, this company details all the information in its catalogue that any food service industry needs to learn and adapt.

It’s not just the European market that OSI Food Solutions has been well-known in; its offices are located all over the world with more than 65 facilities and 20,000 employees working together to produce high quality custom food products. The demand for safely processed meat has been surging in the past few years. The expansion of its processing facility in Toledo, Spain to serve areas around Spain and Portugal is the proof. In fact, according to the CEO of the company, OSI has seen close to six percent increase in production and distribution in the past year. The distribution of chicken alone has more than doubled during this time. The company has a dedicated team of employees to support the growing needs of its clients. It is seeing a major change in the process with brand new upgrades in every department of the facility as well.

The company, after its acquisition of Flagship Europe and Baho Food of Netherlands, saw the need to rebrand itself as “Creative Foods Europe”. These two companies have proven to be advantageous to it’s revenue bottom line and added great value to its portfolio. Through rebranding and upgrades, Creative Foods Europe has been able to commit to and address constant demands of clients for condiments.

Mergers and acquisitions were not the only things that kept OSI Food Solutions on the edge. The company has won a number of prestigious awards for food production and the use of innovative technology, especially the environmentally sustainable operation practice that it adopts. Once of the awards is Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council. The eligibility criteria for this award is apparently a 5-star rating from the council as well as highly rated customers support and reviews. OSI Food Solutions aka Creative Foods Europe has been a true leader in the food service market.

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