Omar Boraie, the man responsible for recreating New Brunswick


The recreation of the New Brunswick would not have happened if it were not for Omar Boraie visionary outlook he had on the New Brunswick being a prime potential real estate region. The foresight was at a time no one else imagined that the area had the potential to become what it had become today yet to his credit four decades ago he saw the vast potential that the area had a prime area for real estate. Alone in his ambitious investment which other investors fell short of laughing at he went on to confidently invest alone having only his vision as a motivating factor. Forty years of hard work and the area has gone on to be one of the most productive real estate areas encompassing many buildings that hold many residential buildings and many office spaces in the ever continuing rise of new buildings.

In a report by NJ Biz, Boraie founded the Boraie Development, LLC. a Privately owned construction company based in New Brunswick in New Jersey. It was through this company that Mr. Omar was able to transform the area to its current status armed only with the vision that the area would one day be what it is now. New Brunswick landscape has been changed and lined with beautiful buildings which were the projects that the company constructed during the forty years of hard work. His visionary plans to rebuild the Brunswick had begun as an inspiration while he had traveled to Europe and Egypt as a student and from just this small inspiration he had embarked on a life journey that saw him build a real estate empire. Visit State Theatre New Jersey for the details.

In addition to his successes as an investor in real estate, Omar is also a renowned philanthropist who generously gives back to the community. Through his company, for example, he has been able to sponsor many programs in the new community of New Brunswick. The Summer Movie Series is one such good example that he has been able to sponsor through his firm. The Boraie Development was able to co-sponsor this with The Provident Bank Foundation that was held at the iconic State Theater.

According to NY Times, the sponsorship involves paying six free movies for its members of the community as a show of its commitment to bring the members of the newly established community together. The free videos attract many families who attend the movie series as a form of getting together and having fun together. This has also gone ahead and invited many people to invest in the areas as well as visit its iconic and historic venue.


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