Norman Pattiz Conducts a Survey and Results Are Shocking


Norman Pattiz is a name everyone recognizes in the business of radio stations. Because he is the creator, founder and was the President of the Westwood One and the Podcast One giants of the communication media, he is a name that is in the hearts of every radio station owner and scholar.

While Norman Pattiz is still running his Podcast One, releasing everyday podcasts about the most various subjects, he agreed to enter a survey with Edison Research, a researching company that aims to question people and reach answers about business and press questions, and they both partnered to help define the effects that Propaganda has on listeners of the podcast in comparison to their state pre-survey.

The research conducted was very simple: Both companies agreed upon five brands to question their listeners about, those who wanted to participate in the study. These brands would be either well-known among the teenagers and visitants of the radio station, or even new brands that no one was aware of. This would allow the investigation teams to understand the differences between both results without bias.

Norman Pattiz was positively astounded with the results. Podcasts have more effects on advertisements than he previously realized, proving to be a highly efficient mean of raising awareness of an individual product, even if they did not know the brand before.

Individuals who listened to the podcast with the survey conducted were asked about their feedback on the product advertised, even if they have never used it before. The result was that it almost duplicated the amount of positive feedback on that particular product, just by releasing the propaganda during the intervals of the podcast. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

According to Tom Webster, Edison Research Vice-President of Strategy, the awareness of the products increased drastically, only knowing that a brand exists by listening to its propaganda increased by about 16% in comparison to pre-study.

Another important factor that was discovered with the study: Over 60% of the listeners mentioned one of the products advertised in the podcast, and the pre-study mentioned only 7% of the fans even being aware of that brand.

According to Norman Pattiz, he was always mindful of the fact that advertisements had a bigger impact if paired with information that interests the listeners or even if joined by entertainment, but the results were surprising, even for a veteran like him.

The Podcast One team was highly honored in having worked with Edison Research to discover the effects of Propaganda, and they look forward to more partnerships in the future as well.

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