Nitin Khanna and Development of Entrepreneurs


 An Entrepreneurial Family

Nitin Khanna was fortunate having been raised among entrepreneurs within his own family. Nitin Khanna had a father who was an Army man, while the rest of his family were actively entrepreneurial in action. His family constantly thought of new ways to plan businesses that were successful. Some of the businesses Nitin Khanna remembers his family making plans for were a photo shoot booth, a cement delivery business, as well as a motorcycle parts business.

Expansion and Development

Nitin Khanna and his brother realized an opportunity to develop other related software that assisted governments to communicate to citizens who were applying for government assistance to their many programs: child care or support, DMV Systems, and Senior Citizen Systems. Saber Software, according to Nitin Khanna were successful from (1999-2009) at which time Nitin Khanna and his brother decided to sell Saber Software.

Angel Investing

Shortly after selling Saber Software, Nitin Khanna began practicing as an Angel investor, partially because he wanted to share his success with other startup entrepreneurs. His Angel Investing developed into Merge Tech, which was a separate company that trained and influenced Mobil Tech entrepreneurs in order to help them reach the potential of their entrepreneurial dreams. Nitin Khanna enjoyed being part and being exposed to a family of entrepreneurs that knew how to plan things and execute them. Later in his life, he would reflect on how his family was such a big influence on his later development as an entrepreneur.

Merge Tech

Nitin Khanna developed Merger Tech after Saber Software and his Angel Investing business. Nitin Khanna was largely interested in helping entrepreneurs who were developing upstarts in the Mobil Technology space and wanted to support and push them to reach the limits of their potential. Nitin Khanna would frequently encourage those he worked with to pursue their dreams but also to imbue those they worked with a spirit of working together to execute their strategies together and to depend upon one another to develop to their maximum potential as creative entrepreneurs. Nitin Khanna deeply believes in the power of the people when combining their creative talents under one single goal and executing it together.

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