New Sprinkle Donut EOS Lip Balm


A new EOS Lip Balm has arrived to the public named EOS Sprinkle Donut Lip Balm that already had 1,300 waitlisted close to its release. The product was released in honor of National Donut Day that was on June 7 of the summer. According to the article from Bustle, the EOS Lip Balm was the second drop of their limited edition drops.

The look of the balm resembled a sprinkled donut with its spherical shape and sprinkles in the cap of the item. One of the ingredients found in many of their products that is also in this item was shea butter to hydrate lips.

The EOS limited edition drops have sold out fast as two different flavors for 4/20 sold out in less than a day. The two flavors that dropped in recognition of 4/20 was Baked Brownie and Happy Herb. EOS certifies that once the items sell out that they will not be restocked again. This turned out to be the same ordeal for the Sprinkle Donut Super Soft Shea Lip Balm, which already had 1,300 people waitlisted before its release. The Sprinkled Donut EOS Lip Balm was sold for $4.99 on their website.

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