Neurocore Leverages the Application of Neuroscience to Treat Depression


Neurocore Brain Performance Centers’ scientists and medical professionals started using neurofeedback to train brains of patients to overcome depression symptoms some time back. Neuroscience came in the right time to bring a better treatment option for depression and other mental health conditions. Depression affects millions of people around the world and neurofeedback is going to be the savior. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


Neurofeedback uses the brains’ ability to learn and improve based on information cures about one’s environment. It has receiving acceptance across the world as a better treatment option because it does not have side effects. Neurofeedback dates back to 1936 when a great scientist known as Frederick Lemere managed to link EEG results to depression. The scientists came up with many findings that drove the understanding of depression and its symptoms and causes. While it has not been established exactly what causes depression, increased alpha activity has been found as the best indicator of depression.


Neurocore leads companies in the industry that leverages cutting edge technology to inform treatments. It applies neuroscience through its Medication Free Depression Treatment program to treat help patients overcome the symptoms of depression or even treat it altogether. It all starts with diagnosis to establish the symptoms of depression using a comprehensive assessment through Qeeg brainwave mapping technology. Out of the 292 patients who have completed Neurocore’s program, 84% have experienced noticeable reduction of depressive symptoms. In addition, 52% didn’t meet symptomatic thresholds for depression.


About Neurocore


Neurocore operates over 9 centers in Florida and Michigan. It has been in operation for about 15 years and it is focused on data-driven, brain-based assessments and training programs for adults and children. It always strives to improve mental conditions such as depression, concentration, sleep and manage stress. Today, it is a national authority in the application of neuroscience.


Neurocore specializes in qEEG biofeedback training, autonomous nervous system diagnostic and regulation, neurofeedback, heart rate variability training, and attention training. Athletes have started embracing neurofeedback to help them in their training regimens. Furthermore, going forward, Neurocore continues to research on biofeedback and therefore, more can be expected from the authority in the application of neuroscience. Read more about Neurocore at

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