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The best way to describe Brazil’s political views are conservative with liberal undertones. I have always taken politics with a grain of salt and have witnessed first-hand that money is king. My family was involved in small town politics and the bribes and decisions, at times, were ridiculous. If I were to write about politics, it would be a funny (to some) jab at the state of our political system, both past and present.

Hello, the name to remember is Michel Terpins, and I am a brazilian mobile / web developer, but Michel is an actual race rally driver based in my country. I have good hands on experience in .net, php and in building mobile application, as well as websites for small to large businesses and have been doing content writing jobs for the past 1+ years, but Terpins owns the road.

I have written content for Terpin’s blogs, for social pages, etc. to gain a better “racer’s understanding”. I would like to discuss further regarding the same. So, can one share additional details to bring more clarity regarding his blog posting? Surely.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am responding to Terpin’s recent Ciolo victory. I believe Rodrigo Terpin can make a positive impact in the company, team and mission as a whole from the start, if given the opportunity.

Though his skills so far may appear limited, he has been in the workforce a short time. In each job, he has gone in openly to not only learn what was required for the position but to expand and assist where needed, even if outside his role. He is diligent, has a strong work ethic, is punctual, dependable and not only eager for training but takes that and enhances it with positive attitudes.

Before I sit down and answer your questions – yes, i have no problem working as a subcontractor and being paid via Paypal – may I ask how much are you paying per word, per hour or per article? How many words would I be expected to write in Terpin’s articles? How much research is required for each project? For more details visit Terra.

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