Marc Sparks’ Inspirational Success In Business And Giving


Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur, an author, philanthropist and a venture capitalist based in Dallas, Texas. He has spent over thirty years launching various businesses which have gone on to achieve global success and provided insightful learning experiences. He has a keen business instinct and is able to identify lucrative opportunities to invest in.



Marc Sparks is the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm enabling up-and-coming entrepreneurs establish a footprint on the global market. The company also provides business incubation services for up to three startups at a time. The startups get access to business resources like banking, marketing and co-working spaces. He welcomes a good challenge that enables him to grow both personally and on a professional level.



Marc Sparks takes a viable idea and plans the execution to achieve both mid-term and long-term growth goals. He is a hands-on manager leading by example and setting the development agenda as well as the corporate culture for his executive teams.



He adopts an open door strategy to encourage the quick sharing of ideas. He has an expedited sense of urgency and would rather address arising issues now rather than later. In the book “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success,” published in 2014, he bares his soul about the challenges and joys of launching new startups and growing them.



He is neither afraid of losing nor sharing his failures to reassure people to keep their goals in sight. The objective is to create awareness for new investors and inspire them to continue on their entrepreneurship journey. He values things such as good health, family and friends, building successful startups, satisfied customers and happy employees.



Marc Sparks is committed to growing local communities and improving the lives of others. He is the founder of Spark Tank, a fund for social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that create social success. Participants apply online and three candidates are selected to present their ideas to a panel in ten minutes. The fund disburses grants of $5,000 and oversees their accountability.


He has been involved with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit providing affordable housing solution to global communities. He also supports the Samaritan Inn, a non-profit providing shelter to the homeless in Texas as well as other services to empower them to secure financial freedom. He also supports organizations such as Mommies In Need, Dogs Matter, The North Texas Gateway Apartments and America Can! Academy among others. Learn more:


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