Marc Beer and Entrepreneurship in Biotech


Success in entrepreneurship is defined by an entrepreneur’s ability to start a company and take it to new heights within no time. The number of times that one is able to do this helps prove their expertise and business know-how. Marc D. Beer is an entrepreneur who has never been afraid to go through the entrepreneurship cycle. His professional background is one that spans more than two decades and is filled with tales of success and accomplishment every time he sets his eyes on a new venture. 

His story can be traced back to 1987 at a time when he was completing his university education. He chose to study Bachelor of Science in Business during his time at Miami University. It is a degree that has helped him excel in all the positions that he has found himself in. He started as a sales and marketing representative before being promoted into a vice presidency position and then heading his own company. 

ViaCell was Marc’s first company which he founded in the year 2000. He worked on the company for a period of seven years and helped it blossom to a point where it had more than three hundred people on its payroll. He sold it in the year 2007 for a whopping $300 million. 


Renovia has been Marc’s second attempt at entrepreneurship. He serves as its Chairman, CEO, and co-founder. Renovia was established in 2016 after Beer came together with Yolanda Lorie and Dr. Iglesias. The company is based in Boston and focusses on developing diagnostic and therapeutic devices that can be used by women with pelvic floor disorders. Its main goal is to provide these women with a first-line of treatment and diagnosis. Disorders related to the pelvic floor include fecal incontinence, urinary incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse. It is a disorder that affects close to twenty-five percent of women living and working in the United States. Learn more:

Beer was motivated to start the company after seeing too many women suffering from this condition. His mission is to assist in leading the development and manufacture of proprietary and innovative sensor technologies at Renovia.

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