Maarten de Jeu Encourages the Public to Invest in Commercial Real Estate


SVM Business Advisory is an advisory firm established by Maarten de Jeu, a Chicago-based entrepreneur. Maarten de Jeu wanted to help the public in managing their investments, and he is providing advice to those who visit his office on where they can invest their wealth. It is important to put your money in different investment options to help it grow, and Maarten de Jeu pointed out that this is how the rich are becoming richer. He said that no one has ever become a millionaire by saving the money they receive from their regular jobs. When asked about the best investment option based on his opinion, Maarten de Jeu would say that commercial real estate is the best option.


Commercial real estate refers to any real estate property that is used to conduct business. it includes retail spaces, commercial buildings, and office skyscrapers. Maarten de Jeu has a lot of positive feedback regarding the establishment of these properties, and he said that it would help an individual gain more money if they will start leasing or renting its spaces to interesting ones in a fixed schedule over time. He also claimed that investing in commercial real estate has a lot of advantages over other investment options, making it his favorite.


One of the advantages of investing in commercial real estate is that it requires minimal investment fees. When choosing an investment option, many people are looking at the fees required to initiate an investment. Most people wanted to invest in the stock market because it is easy to learn and it only asks for a minimal investment fee. But what the majority does not realize is that investment fees in a commercial real estate are smaller.


Another thing that many people do not realize is that commercial real estate is less volatile compared to the stock market, making it an investment that has less risk. When you start investing in the stock market, you would notice that the value of a share would either go up or down, depending on the current situation on the planet. If there are high tensions all over the world, the stock market would crash. Even a small, local event can trigger changes in the stock market. When it comes to commercial real estate, the value of the property is not directly affected by issues. It is not volatile, and there is a bigger chance for the property value to go up through the years. Learn more:


Commercial real estate properties would also accumulate in value as you try to improve its features. Installing new furniture pieces and renovating its appearance would definitely increase its value. The government even provides tax advantages to those who own a commercial real estate property, slashing off the expenses in maintaining the property.


Maarten de Jeu keeps on encouraging the people about the benefits of owning a commercial real estate. He said that one should have a huge capital when building a commercial property, but all the money spent is worth it once the benefits start to come.

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