Kim Dao Shares Some Japanese Travel Hacks


Not every place in Japan has its own WiFi, so Kim Dao recommends anyone going to Japan bring along pocket WiFi or Simcard. Many companies rent out a pocket Wifi. The rental fee is about $100 per month. The downside is you have to watch to see if the battery runs down and will need recharging. Hopefully, the company will supply a charger. Simcards can be bought in airports and camera stores. The cost $39 for 5G. It’s usually used for cellphones.


The next hack Kim Dao talks about is a JR Pass. The JR pass is for people on tourist Visa and isn’t for everyone. It costs $300 for one week, and you can ride as many trains as you want that week. There’s also a train card that will allow you to use more train lines in addition to the JR train line. These tickets cost 500 yen and are available at train stations and the airport. They save a lot of time. If you have an international driver’s licence, you can rent a car in Japan.


Odigo is a Japanese travel agency that Kim Dao used on her trip to Japan to see Universal Studios Japan and Disneyland Japan. Odigo gives suggestions on what to sight see, where to stay, where to eat, and more.


Kim Dao recommends that you bring plenty of cash to purchase things because Japan doesn’t use credit cards.


Kim Dao suggests you bring your own power board to charge your electronic devices.


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