James River Capital, Paul Saunders on Employee Burnout


James River Capital is founded by Paul Saunders who is also the principal at the company. The institution is involved in investment and business, and it provides financial advisory to its customers. This private company is located in the US, and it is one of the leading finance corporations.


Paul Saunders has had many years of managerial experience and has acquired a lot of knowledge on employee burnout and how to curb it in the company. Saunders provides employers with effective ways of managing employee burn out and the early warning signs to note. Employee burnout affects one’s motivation and overall performance. Because it is often caused by stress, it affects the employee’s emotional and physical state and thus takes a toll on their competence at work. The stress that causes burnout is often long term and hard to control which affects the person


Paul Saunders believes that employers should take the initiative to assist their employees during burnout. This is because employees are a great asset to the organization and if they are not working competently, the work in the organization is affected. Some of the early warning signs that Saunders provides for burnout are a shift in attitude, lack of motivation and lack of confidence. When it comes to managing and controlling burnout, Saunders provides the following measures.


  1. Providing support


Every employee at one time experiences stress, and when they cannot control it, it leads to burnout. Employers need to ensure their employees can manage their stress and keep it under control so that it does not affect their work. One way to do this is by providing support and assistance to the employees. The employer can offer resources that help employees cope with their stress. For instance, the organization can offer therapy sessions or organize team building events. Also, the employer can encourage taking up new hobbies and ensuring the employees have enough sleep to reduce stress.


  1. Help regain confidence


The loss in confidence is a leading cause of employee burnout. It occurs when the employee begins doubting themselves and their work and questions everything they do. Employers can check in with their staff members and ensure they have not disconnected from work due to the loss in confidence. Help employees set short term goals to achieve which boosts their confidence and also offer encouragement for each small task that is achieved. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/james-river-capital


  1. Provide transparency


A lot of resentment and negative feelings always come up when an organization is not being transparent with their employees. In such cases, the employees feel overlooked for promotions or important meetings and often develop negative emotions. Employers need to ensure that there is open communication in the office and employees are included in decision making.

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