Jake Gottlieb


Dr. Jacob Jay Gottlieb is a financial expert and an accomplished investment mogul. He was educated at Brown University, where he earned a Bachelor’s in economics. In 2001, he was awarded his CFA charter by the Association for Investment Management and Research. However, while he always had an interest in investment, his sights weren’t always set so firmly on finances. He had pursued medical school early in his career, attending New York University Medical School, where he graduated with an M.D. After medical school, he went on to serve as an intern with St. Vincent’s Hospital, completing his internship successfully. However, after his internship, Gottlieb decided that medical wasn’t what he wanted to pursue, and he left the medical world in pursuance of a financial career.


Even at a very young age, Gottlieb had a fascination for investment and financial opportunity. In seventh grade, Gottlieb told his father that he’d won a school contest involving the selection of stocks. His father, proud of Jacob’s accomplishment, and impressed that his son seemed so adept with finances at such a young age, helped Jacob open up an investment trading account. This would serve to be Jacob Gottlieb’s first triumph in a long and successful financial career.


Currently, Jacob Gottlieb is employed with Visium Asset Management, LLC, a firm which he founded in 2005. He serves as Visum’s Managing Partner and CIO, consistently pushing the company toward success. However, he has also worked with a number of other financial institutions and investment firms. He started out his career properly at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. working for them as a buy-side analyst. Afterwards, he moved on to Merlin Financial, a firm in England, where he served as an investment portfolio manager. Immediately before founding Visium Asset Management, Gottlieb had worked for Balyasny Asset Management, L.P., of which he was a founding member. His career, overall, has been successful, and he’s quickly risen up the financial ladder to where he is today. However, finances aren’t his only passion.


Gottlieb has always shown a propensity for helping those less fortunate than himself, making contributions to a number of charities within New York. One of these charities is Covenant House. Covenant House is an organization which aims to get troubled youths off of the streets and provides them with a place to call home.



Covenant House

Actively working to solve the homeless youth problems plaguing New York for over four decades, Covenant House has helped to save more than a million boys and girls who have been left without homes. They work tirelessly to help those unfortunate enough to end up without a roof over their heads, from those who have escaped abusive households or human trafficking to those who aged out of foster care or were simply born into crippling poverty. The organization helps over a thousand homeless youths each and every week, and they can only do so thanks to the generosity of those who volunteer their time to help and those make donations to the organization.


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