Jack Plotkin and Telehealth: Sustainable Healthcare


JACK PLOTKINIf there’s a single word that has been used more in the past few years, it’s sustainability.  And for good reason.  After all, whatever it is that you have created if it won’t be around for the long-haul, and able to pay benefits, what’s the sense in having it?  That’s why an entrepreneur named Jack Plotkin is in business.  Plotkin believes that not only does he have a better idea when it comes to technology, but his model of building new applications for existing technology is taking a lot of industries and revolutionizing them in short order.  This is the idea behind a new business he has created called Telehealth, a new idea in health care that Plotkin thought of while a student in college.  

Telehealth is a new spin on an old idea.  It takes telephone technology and makes it one better by installing an interface that lets patients and health care providers better interact with each other.  And with this new, higher level of interaction, all kinds of things, particularly better communications, happen.  Telehealth approaches what you might have in mind when you combine telephone technology and wearables that became popular a few years ago.  With Telehealth, patients are invited to interact with their health care providers, giving them more and better information to determine their needs.


Put simply, better information provided to health care providers allow them to make better determinations about a patient’s health not only more thoroughly, but over a more extended period of time.  It’s almost like giving health care providers a “heads up” when there might be a problem with a patient, often before they might be aware that it is coming.  This gives them more time to give patients good care at earlier stages of their illness.  Telehealth makes more health care available to patients so that they can get the care they need before they are even aware that they will be in need of it.

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