Improving Student Achievement in California with Rocketship Education


Economic challenges can prevent learners from developing their full potential, denying society highly productive and responsible citizens. Rocket Education uses a scalable and sustainable school model that drives student achievement in underserved communities nationally.

Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a nonprofit network of high-performing public charter schools serving communities having limited access to high-quality education. The schools use a teacher-led, technology-supported approach that focuses on personalized learning.

The schools’ instructional model uses a suitable method at the right time to match each child with the right content. The model engages parents and guardians in their children’s learning.

Working with parents, districts, community organizations, and other charter schools, this nonprofit is leading a movement whose principal purpose is to eliminate the achievement gap.

Creating a Positive School Experience

The schools’ five core values namely respect, responsibility, empathy, persistence, and gratitude prepare students to succeed in school and beyond.

These values equip learners with critical character skills that help them deal with high levels of “toxic stress” usually associated with children coming from low-income communities.

Toxic stress diminishes a student’s ability to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts, and responsibly respond to provocations. Rocketship Education offers a consistent, predictable, and positive school experience that promotes students’ social-emotional skills.

The Schools’ Programs

Three times every week, learners receive social-emotional teaching. The schools use carefully selected curricula differentiated for upper-grade and lower-grade students.

The Kimochis curriculum taught in the lower grades presents learners with depersonalized opportunities that help them practice social-emotional skills.

The students learn how to demonstrate care for others, recognize their emotions, make responsible decisions, and deal with challenging situations.

The upper-grade curriculum uses RULER tools that help learners track their behaviors, feelings, and progress in a mood journal.

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