Impressionable facts about Flavio Maluf


Being one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. Flavio Maluf has changed the way of life of many people through his investment firm. He founded the Eucatex firm in 1951, and it is among the largest companies in the world. The firm is the largest producer of Fiber sheet, iron sheets for roofing among other major products that are on demand in the globe. Throughout his career, Flavio has continued to exercise social actions through the various measures he has partaken to ensure that his firm’s production does not interfere with the lives of others. Follow FlavioMaluf on Twitter.

Additionally, Flavio Maluf has always relied on reforestation to ensure that the lives of others go on well. Through the process, he has also continued to conserve the environment, and his actions have impressed many people. Due to his passion towards conserving the environment, he has also launched an education program that seeks to educate people on the various ways they can conserve the environment to avoid serious issues like global warming which interfere with the daily lives of individuals. He launched the Casa da Natureza program, and it has already attracted a vast number of people who have continued to perfect their skills on environmental conservation besides acquiring ideas on how they can use raw materials by recycling them instead of disposing of them by burning. The steps taken by the entrepreneur have successfully seen him expand the education program and he continues to gain more strength and insight towards his career.

Flavio Maluf also creates job opportunities for many people in the country through his investment. He has continued to inspire the lives of many people, and as a result, he has received a lot of recognition form much prestigious personnel. He seeks to change the lives of others through his advocations.



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