How Sergey Petrossov Achieved Succcess So Quickly


It isn’t every day that someone is deemed super successful. Sergey Petrossov was named among the top 30 under 30 in the category of Consumer Technology. That’s a big marketplace and it’s getting bigger. While he is always looking for innovative ways of doing things, he is also proud to be named among South Florida’s Top Professionals.

His passion today is JetSmarter. What he was working on prior to JetSmarter has everyone talking. Sergey Petrossov put his energy and time into developing an online chat system. Additionally, he single-handedly created a platform to teach Russian through a distance learning format.

His first look at jets was prior to his time spent developing online chat. While working for a private company in South Florida, Sergey Petrossov discovered his true love for jets. The one unique benefit of working with this jet operator is that they possessed the largest charter fleet in the world.

Thankfully, Sergey Petrossov had the foresight to determine that with the mobile marketplace, he would soon be able to challenge and possibly correct the primary challenge with booking flights. The mobile marketplace would improve this, allowing individuals to book their jets easier and faster. Unlike most folks, he was able to take his hobby and turn into a million dollar enterprise. He was more focused on doing what he loved and it paid off for his lifelong career. Today, his company is backed by singer and songwriter Jay Z, and JetSmarter is often referred to as the “Uber for Jets”.

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