How Exactly Did Doe Deere Become Who She Is?


Doe Deere is the star of her own company, Lime Crime. She has built so much of a following over the years after she became that rebel makeup artist for crafting such a reliable set of makeup that overcomes all the rules of makeup and color.

Growing up in Russia with a supportive family, she eventually moved to the United States back when she was 17. Her creative juices have always flown within her, especially since she wanted to pursue a music career and actually doing such a thing in New York. With an ambitious mind she says she always had, she grew up creative and hardworking. She grew up quite business minded as a young teen and eventually into her adult life. She learned the value of hard work, and why it’s so important to be grateful for those who show up to your events as a musician. At 13 years old, she sold temporary tattoos back in Russia. She took her business mindset and built an empire with her unique makeup line, Lime Crime.

Doe Deere has built her business of her own advice to young girls; “follow your heart.” She says that every person has something special about them that only they can offer the world. Deere says that you should listen to your instincts and find tune where your passion lies. As a businesswoman and somebody who has seen her life transform over the years, Doe is a strong independent woman who is quite the inspiration for both young girls and men.

Her idea behind Lime Crime stems from her love of makeup and color in general. Always being so interested in bright colors and anything that shines, she brought this interest to life via her makeup line. She explains that the colors and her makeup provide insight on hope and freedom. It’s about expressing one’s true thoughts and ideas through the power and beauty of finding that inner fierce human. People everywhere find her makeup inspiring because of the range and diversity.

To answer the initial question, she became who she is by working hard and specifically finding her passion in business and makeup. She combined both into a business entrepreneurial venture that eventually turned into an empire that continues to change the lives of young girls everywhere. Doe is an ever-changing woman who wants to continuously explore the beauty of color, makeup, and anything and everything bright.

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