Hemp EOS Lip Balms Are Changing the Beauty Industry


Hemp plant oil is used for a variety of different ailments. The oil is often used in body care products like shampoo, soap, and detergent. The oil is helpful for hormone balance, energizes the skin as a natural emollient, moisturizing, can be anti-inflammatory with calming elements, and is immune system boosting. Hemp oil is appearing in another beauty product right now from the EOS brand. The Evolution of Smooth company is crafting two limited edition lip balm product containing hemp oil. These lip balms are only having a limited release and there will only be a fraction of these EOS produced and distributed compared to how many lip balms they typically mass produce.

The hemp plant oil lip balms are going to be available in two different unique flavors. The first one is called Happy Herb. It has a tropical scent to it. The outer packaging for Happy Herb is yellow and green with a leafy kind of pattern upon it. The other one is called Baked Brownie. The Baked Brownie EOS has a scent like a brownie dessert, with some hints of delicious coconuttiness. This lip balm comes in a brown and grean round EOS packaging with a stylized leafy like pattern on the top. The outer packaging the EOS spheres are wrapped up in feature rainbow looking hemp plant leaves.

The product is not expected to be beloved by all beauty enthusiasts, but the company marketing founder believes that the product will be appealing to the adventurous beauty consumer who wants to try a product like this. It may also be for hardcore EOS fans that love to try everyone of the lip balms that the company puts out. The product hit stores on April 18. So if you are an adventurous beauty product enthusiast, you should hurry and get out there before they’re already sold out.

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