Gulf Coast Western May Become The Next Pioneer In Oil And Gas With Matthew Fleeger


Gulf Coast Western is approaching nearly 50 years in business since they first opened back in 1970 in Dallas, Texas. In this time, Gulf Coast Western has expanded into Colorado, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Matthew Fleeger operates as the company CEO as well as President and oversees daily operations to ensure they live up to their motto, which is expressed on the company website. According to their motto, Gulf Coast Western and their success throughout the years is through diligently being open and transparent about their procedures and goals to work with their partners and clients.

The primary focus for Gulf Coast Western is exploration as well as acquisitions throughout the gulf coast, namely locations that are found to have large potentials of gas and oil. Since opening its doors, Gulf Coast Western has built relationships with more than 1000 companies and individuals around the country that work with them on an annual basis. Matthew Fleeger maintains a tight ship at Gulf Coast and maintains a high standard of ethics throughout the company. Thanks to many years of hard work and steady business practice, the Better Business Bureau has rated Gulf Coast Western with an A+ year after year.

Matthew Fleeger brings a lot of expertise to the table at Gulf Coast Western with more than a decade of experience working in the oil and gas industry. His ability to organize and manage his team as well as business strategies have made him a critical part of Gulf Coast Western’s success. Before joining the Gulf Coast team, Matthew Fleeger spent 13 years as the owner and founder of MedSolutions, a disposal and transportation company for healthcare companies that need removal of medical waste. After selling his company to a leading disposal company, Stericycle, Matthew Fleeger focused his talents on Gulf Coast Western in 2007.

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