Gulf Coast Western is a Stellar Example of Growth in Oil and Gas Industry


MATTHEW FLEEGERGulf Coast Western LLC, founded in 1970, is the managing venture of the Oil and Gas General Partnerships with the main focus on exploring, developing and acquiring domestic oil and gas properties that are located in the Gulf Coast of United States. The primary focus is on regions that have both geophysical and geological advantages along with a well-developed infrastructure. Gulf Coast Western seeks out companies that have significant return potential and quantified downside risk to its participating partners. While the company focuses on exploration and lease acquisition near Gulf Coast, they are also exploring other regions of United States.

The company’s presence in the Southwest has risen through two major strategic partnerships. Gulf Coast Western through partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration has gained property rights and access to hundreds of square miles and 3D seismic data in Southwestern Louisiana, with a combined 30 million barrel of oil reserve potential. The other significant partnership has been with Dallas based Northcote Energy Ltd that has enabled Gulf Coast Western to further expand property rights and maximize production in the area.

Matt Fleeger, who is the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, attributes the success of the company to years of open and transparent relationships with the accredited partners that has enabled the company to build mutual trust. These trusted partnerships lead to ongoing referrals and build a reputation in the industry that keeps more projects from rolling in for Gulf Coast Western.


Matt Fleeger is well recognized in the oil and gas industry, more specifically for his expertise in strategic planning, contract negotiation and team building. Fleeger obtained his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Southern Methodist University.

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