Greg Blatt From General Counsel To CEO



Greg Blatt has had a very interesting career. He started out as very unsure of his future law students. He mentioned in a recent article that he only attended law school because he believed he would enjoy it, but he did not have any plans for after graduation. While in law school, he developed an interest in corporate and financial law that would have him join a large Mergers & Acquisition firm. From there he moved into entertainment law, and then Greg worked at Martha Stewart’s company. He enjoyed being a general counsel more so than practicing at a firm, so he later took opportunities to take on the same role at Match Group and IAC. At both of these last companies he rose to chairman, then to CEO at IAC. He left IAC to return to Match Group because he knew he would be of better service leading that company. 


Intellectual Routine 

In his last article he was asked about routines that have helped him become successful. Where most people typically answer this question by stating more physical and spiritual routines like meditation, exercising everyday, or even waking up at 5 AM every morning; Greg Blatt instead spoke about an intellectual routine. His intellectual practice was to question every single thing concerning the company. He likes to question every decision as many times, even right up to the last minute before there weren’t any more decisions to live with. Right after the point of no return, he mentions that you simply accept anything that happens. Live with your decisions because your process lead you to making the best choice at the time. 


The Power of Flexibility 

Greg Blatt also spoke about the power of flexibility in a business. He states that you have to be open to change because rigid ideas have and will continue to sink companies. Be open to great ideas because you hire great people to think. A my way or the highway approach has never served businesses well, and especially in the new world of business where consumer behavior is constantly changing. Marrying your old ideas is far from optimal. 


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