Graeme Holm – Top Australia Financial Consultant


Graeme Holm is the founder and leader of the Infinity Group Australia. He has over seventeen years experience in financial consultation. He founded Infinity Group so he could provide “personal trainers” for the finances of everyday Australians.


Holm has been placed in the top 100 financial brokers in the Country. He strives to keep the banks honest and eliminate unfair debt for clients. He is a broker, meaning individuals may buy and sell investments using his resources.


The Infinity Group offers a range of products and solutions for the everyday Australian. Many Australians accumulate debt, and as time goes by they see their liquid assets shrink sometimes. Many who have worked with the Infinity Group have managed to pay off their debt and have started planning for retirement.


Growing money is an important requirement of any financial adviser. The Infinity Group can manage clients’ assets, and gives them detailed reports of what they owe, what they have saved, and how much they need to pay off monthly to maintain an adequate lifestyle. These reports are issued monthly, and will only lead the path to clients’ financial freedom.


With Infinity Group, clients gain a tremendous advantage over working with normal bankers. The Infinity Group does research on clients’ finances, and find key money growth mechanisms to provide security for your hard earned money. A goal should be to generate an income stream from money individuals have already earned. This may be possible with dividend allocations from certain investments that we may recommend.


Another advantage of having a good Financial Adviser, is that clients have a real human being to talk to in person. People need professional experts who are kind to them to explain some of the intricacies of things like debt reduction, and dividend reinvestment. A good way to know if you need a financial adviser, is that you are in debt and struggling to pay bills. The cost of hiring someone to manage you assets and debt will undoubtedly pay for itself in the long run. Being debt free can give you the peace of mind that you so deserve.


Having a good team on your side is the best solution for many. The team at Infinity Group have worked with customers from all walks of life. They welcome you to become a part their debt reduction solution, as they have individuals ready to assist you with your finances. Learn more:

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